Canon campaign 'follow my footsteps'

Recently, I had the great opportunity to work with Canon and host an inspiring Instameet in Rotterdam during the European 'Follow my Footsteps' campaign. I not only collaborated with Canon, but also with popular Instagrammer @bobsizoo

The whole experience was really fantastic, as I not only had the honor of telling people about creating inspirational photos with Canons pretty cool new gear, but also I enjoyed inspiring others in the 'Follow my Footsteps' campaign, which promotes creativity through photography. 

During the Instameet, around 60 buddy instagrammers came together to develop and capture great images during the event. It was an overwhelming success and a great deal of fun! We shot a range of images in a variety of different locations in Rotterdam, with urban dancers providing opportunities to capture some unique shots and watertaxis transporting the groups to the spectaculair locations.

Check out the hashtag: #followmyfootsteps to view all the images on Instagram or check out the pictures on Canon's facebookpage here!

Haglöfs collaboration

I wanted to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank you to all the wonderful people at Haglöfs, Sweden, as they generously help to support both me and my partner with our outdoor adventures and travels.

We feel very privileged to be working with such a great company, that makes the coolest outdoor clothing, from some of the most sustainable materials around the world. As part of our collaboration, Haglöfs provided us with a selection of items that will undoubtedly help to keep us warm and dry during our many outdoor activities, excursions and travels.

Check out their latest collection here.


Avrotros Kunst / Art competition

NL  Ik doe mee aan een nieuw project van AVROTROS kunst; Kunstwedstrijd ‘Het Naakt’. De hele maand mei staat in het teken van Het Naakt. In samenwerking met Museum de Fundatie wordt een kunstwedstrijd georganiseerd waaraan iedereen mee kan doen; schilderen, beeldhouwen of tekenen.

De komende weken wil ik je inspireren en meenemen in de wereld van artistiek naakt. Samen met kunstenaar Brian Elstak heb ik op de mooie locatie Metaal Kathedraal, in een unieke setting van een Neogotische kathedraal, inspiratie gezocht voor de creatie van mijn eigen naakt op papier. Dit creatieve proces wil ik komende tijd in mijn beelden weergeven en uiteindelijk mijn interpretatie van artistiek naakt met jullie delen. Via Facebook en Instagram laat ik zien welke beelden dit heeft opgeleverd.

Wil je ook laten zien wat je kunt doen met naakt? Houd dan mijn social media in de gaten voor meer inspiratie, en kijk op de website van AVROTROS kunst: Hierboven alvast een foto van Brian en mij in actie!


ENG  I am participating in a new project of AVROTROS; an art contest within the theme: 'the Nude'. The whole month of May is dedicated to nudity. In collaboration with the Museum Foundation, AVROTROS has organized a contest in which everyone can participate, in painting, sculpturing or drawing.

In the coming weeks I want to inspire you and take you into the world of artistic nude. Together with Brian Elstak, I sought inspiration for the creation of my own take on Nude, in the beautiful location Metal Cathedral, a unique setting of a Neo-Gothic cathedral.

Coming month, I would like to share my interpretation and creative process on artistic nude with you. I will post my produces images on Facebook and Instagram.

Would you like to see what you can do with nude? Then stay tuned on my social media channels. For more inspiration, also check out the AVROTROS website Above is a picture of Brian and me in action!




Gravity - Flower Power

I'm delighted to introduce my new series called Flower Power.

My Dutch Flower Power forms part of my Gravity project in which I want to capture earths different elements and let them stand out in their natural surroundings using moments of zero gravity. 

I have tried to recreate and add new elements that bring splashing colors, build upon my first series, the Sand Creatures. The flowers were captured amongst a variety of flower fields of the Netherlands during their short period of blooming. After that, they are chopped, since they are grown primarily for the bulb. I have tried to capture them in full glory at the peak of their existence.

It is now time to witness them at their maximum power... 

IcelandAir Instagram collaboration

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Iceland as part of the #mystopover Buddy Program, in association with IcelandAir. It allows transatlantic travellers to do a stopover in Iceland, experience it through the eyes of a local buddy (who is part of the IcelandAir team), at no additional costs. For more information, check here.

The experience was out of this world, as I have always wanted to visit Iceland and experience it's diverse, stunning beauty. I wasn't disappointed.

The buddy program was fantastic, as it allowed me to experience some of the highlights of this amazing island by a local. Without her expert insight I surely would have not seen or experienced the things I did.

In such a short space of time I saw so much and created some lifelong memories. If I could recommend a place to visit, then Iceland must surely be high on your list. Whether it's a tour of the island or part of a stopover with a buddy, its a must see for any traveller, photographer and adventure seeker.

Tasting Art Exhibition

Looking back at the event, I am really thrilled, since it has been fantastic! I met lots of great people, and it was greatly visited. Thank you for all the wonderful compliments, and for buying my art, I feel very honored! If you are still interested in buying my art, they are still available in the Tasting Art webshop:

Here are some photos from the event, shot by Daniel Willemsen and Nanda Hagenaars. For more, check it out here.

And the winner is...

The photo contest has come to an end. After some wonderful entries and much consideration the winner is... @thelittlethings_love!

Out of so many submissions, it was very difficult to select a winner, but this fairy tale picture with brilliant light play immediately drew my attention. I personally feel it captures distance in a stunning way. 

Corla has won a print of my 'Distance' image on fine art dibond provided by @andwolfpage.

Escape the routine with Landal GreenParks

I've been lucky enough to recently embrace my natural surroundings once more, seek opportunities of solitude and silence at Landal Le Duc, situated in Brabant, the Netherlands. Here I could combine my love of photography and nature, while staying at a wanderful resort in the middle of nature. 

Instagram contest

I am delighted to announce an exciting photo contest which will be hosted on Instagram page @claireonline. I hope it will be a great success and draw on images from around the world.

The contest is all about distance and you will be encouraged, within your enteries, to capture inspiring images that maximise the use of depth. The lucky winner will receive the image shown above, which will form part of my new photographic series. It will be professionally printed on fine art dibond and produced by @andwolfpage, which is an online art gallery where you can find a fine selection of affordable artwork.

You can participate in this competition until the 4th December. Please use the hashtag #whatliesinthedistance and like @andwolfpage! The winner will be announced soon after. So, get out there, enjoy snapping and I look forward to seeing your work!

Instagram: @claireonline


In a distance. 

In a distance.