Iceland air instagram collaboration

Mar 7, 2016 -  I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Iceland as part of the #mystopover Buddy Program, in association with IcelandAir.


It allows transatlantic travellers to do a stopover in Iceland, experience it through the eyes of a local buddy (who is part of the IcelandAir team), at no additional costs. For more information, check here. The experience was fantastic, as I have always wanted to visit Iceland and experience it's diverse, stunning beauty. I wasn't disappointed. The buddy program was fantastic, as it allowed me to experience some of the highlights of this amazing island by a local. Without her expert insight I surely would have not seen or experienced the things I did. In such a short space of time I saw so much and created some lifelong memories. If I could recommend a place to visit, then Iceland must surely be high on your list. Whether it's a tour of the island or part of a stopover with a buddy, its a must see for any traveller, photographer and adventure seeker.