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Welcome to my presets page! These Adobe Lightroom presets are designed to enhance the beauty of your photos in just a few clicks to create stunning effects. Adding presets to Lightroom make your photo edititing effective, efficient and easy while helping you stay organized. I have build these desaturated, warm and moody preset effects for artistic enhancement of your collection for that perfect look and to help you in your editing process. As a travel and Landscape photographer, I would describe my style as being simple and fresh with desaturated tones, while still bringing out the vibrance in the shot. They carry my specific signature for editing.

The presets work best with images in landscape mode with a simular portion of skyline and land. For more information and before and afters views, click on the procuct. I will do my best to regularly update this presets page with new presets. Do you have any requests or having trouble installing them? Please contact me!

Beach Presets Pack Vol I

5 stunning Beach presets by Claire Droppert
A set of 5 presets, adding a dramatic light and moody tones with the use of desaturated tones and colors, gradient tools and a variety of color contrasts. This set contains:

• Great day at Sea   
• Dunes   
• Pink Delight   
• Shells   
• Warm Sun

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Beach ‘Shells’

Beach ‘Pink Delight’

Beach ‘Dunes’

Beach ‘Warm Sun’

Fogalicious Presets Pack Vol I

5 moody Fogalicious presets by Claire Droppert
A set of 5 presets, with contrasting colors and strong light effects, creating cool or warm tones in a moody atmosphere, by using gradient and local adjustment tools to add more light or tp darken the shades more in the images. This set contains:

• Fogalicious Cool   
• Fogalicious Warm   
• Fogalicious Minimalistic   
• Fogalicious Light left
• Fogalicious Light right

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Fogalicious ‘Cool’

Fogalicious ‘Minimalistic’

Fogalicious ‘Warm’

Fogalicious ‘Light left’


How to install the presets

1) Drag your files to your Develop Presets folder : By default, user presets are stored in a folder in the Lightroom folder / Develop Presets. For the specific location on Mac OS and Windows, see your Preference panel - Presets. Unzip your downloaded file and drag your presets in the Develop Presets folder.

2) To import a preset: In Lightroom Develop mode, go to the presets panel, right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) the area where you want the preset to appear and choose Import. Double-click the preset template file. 

3) Preview and apply a Develop preset: A set of default presets is listed in the Presets panel of the Develop module. Click the 'Beach presets by Claire Droppert' folder to display the 5 presets. To preview the effects of a preset on your photo, move the pointer over it in the Presets panel and view the effects in the Navigator panel. To apply a preset to the photo, click it in the presets panel.

Watch a video about how to install presets here.